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Product Details
Product Details
Selfie Combo
Behold the power of your personal social media assistants or camera-and-light team in two high-functioning items. Our Selfie Combo makes it possible to take your content creation to the next level.
Robot Cameraman
With our Robot Cameraman, you have a razor-sharp phone holder that can move 360 degrees to capture movement, making it great for OOTD shots and stable, focused livestreams.
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LED Selfie Ring
LED Selfie Ring is a compact, professional-like light ring that can bring optimal brightness to your face or whatever object you are focusing on and can replace needing to buy pricey lighting equipment.
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Universal equipment for anyone
You don’t need to just be a selfie-taker to take advantage of this amazing product combo.
Whether you run a YouTube channel showcasing makeup looks and tutorials or run an online business and need some gear to take product shots and shoot promotional videos, our Selfie Combo is a great fit for really just anyone.
Easy to set up and control
It’s easy to get this camera-and-light combo to work. The Robot Cameraman connects to the free Apai Genie mobile app (available for iOS and Android) to function while the LED Selfie Ring sets up in a flash with its built-in tripod stand and easy-to-use controller. The phone holder features facial-recognition and motion-detecting technology so you won’t need to manually adjust your phone over and over, and our selfie light is easy to position and tilt by hand.
Built-in gimbal
The Robot Cameraman features a built-in gimbal in holder that stabilizes your photo- and video-taking.
Face- and motion-recognition
Also, it uses smart-shoot technology that employs sensors for face- and motion-recognition.
Compact & reliable suction base
A seal-tight suction base on the phone holder guarantees a sturdy grip while being really small, just 3.1 inches in diameter, which means you won’t need a ton of space to set up for your content creation or scenery shots.
360-degree rotation
The function that lets you keep up whatever you are shooting
Intent on helping you capture the best of the best, the Smart-Shooting Gimbal Phone Holder is able to rotate 360 degrees horizontally and vertically.
Good lighting is the key to professional-looking photos
The LED Selfie Ring features LED beads, a sturdy tripod stand, and a built-in, adjustable smartphone holder to create perfect lighting for your photos and videos.
Fully adjustable to your needs
Ring light head is front-and-back adjustable at 180 degrees through a fixed knob. The LED Selfie Ring also has three light modes (white/natural/warm yellow) each with 10 adjustable brightness levels.
$60 savings for you with this combo!
You can get more (and save more) when you take advantage of our Selfie Combo. The Robot Cameraman originally costs $89.00 and the LED Selfie Ring originally costs $70.00, but you can get both for just $99.00 with this combo. That’s a $60.00 savings for you!


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